Meet Our People

Experienced Roofing Staff

Since over 96% of all roof problems have to do with workmanship rather than material, we think it's a good idea to hire, train and keep the very best people we can find. Every Accent Roofing employee tries his or her very best, every day, to live up to our simple motto: The Roof, the Whole Roof, and Nothing but the Roof!

Tom Scribbins, President

Tom Scribbins Founder, Owner & President
Accent Roofing Service

Tom began roofing in the late '70's. He roofed his way to an accounting degree at the University of Northern Iowa, then kept roofing as he earned a Master's in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa.

When he moved to Atlanta in the mid-'80's to work for a high-tech marketing communications firm, he was pretty sure he'd driven the last nail of his life, but no! Roofing kept calling, and in late 1989 he founded Accent Roofing. The company's only "truck" at that time was an ugly brown Ranchero (think El Camino). The company's world headquarters was a garage in Lilburn. No air guns. No conveyors.

As a result of his "real roofer" background, Accent Roofing under Tom's leadership has developed a culture which we hope you'll find both reassuring and refreshing: We don't look at your roof as an obstacle between us and your money. We see your roof as an opportunity to solve a major problem.

All boiled down, this is what we strive for at Accent:
1) To make sure that no customer ever comes out on the short end of the stick.
2) To make sure that every employee feels appreciated and earns a respectable and responsible living.
3) To make sure that you're delighted with the experience.

After 40 years of roofing, Tom still gets excited about every job and is still grateful for each and every client.

Phillip Scribbins, Managing partner

Phillip Scribbins General Manager
Accent Roofing Service

If there's a harder-working or more dedicated person in the roofing industry, we're not aware of it. Somewhat like a "coach's kid" who grew up watching game film at the kitchen table, Phillip has roofing in his DNA.

As a kid he helped clean up jobsites and handed out fliers. During his high school years he learned to sell and do repairs, then continued to work here during college. After a stint in the U.S. Army, he came on full time in 2008 and has been growing the business and his professional skill set ever since.

When you work with Phillip, you'll notice three things in particular: 1) He is extremely accommodating. 2) He's a straight shooter. 3) He's extremely thorough.

With Phillip overseeing every detail of your project from start to finish, we know you'll be well taken care of and will never have to wonder about times, dates, details or price!

Just look at our online reviews-it's no accident that Phillip's name is mentioned time after time and always in a positive way!

Mocha Wiggleworth, Mascot

Mocha Wiggleworth Company Mascot
Accent Roofing Service

On staff since December of 2014, the energetic Ms. Wigglesworth seldom comes to the office and has yet to work a single day.

Just goes to show the pitfalls that follow failure to do a background check!

Kay Scribbins, Assistant Marketing Director

Kathy Scribbins Assistant Marketing Director
Accent Roofing Service

While Kathy's primary job is to make the phone ring,we know you couldn't care less about that. What you probably do care about is that she also calls every one of our customer after the job to make sure they're delighted with the experience. And if they're not...somebody around here is going to get an earful!

Kathy's been around roofing since she began dating the future Leaksmith in 1979, and except for a few years off for Mom Stuff,she's been a part of the program ever since. In addition to her main duties, Kathy serves as receptionist, and it's hard to imagine anyone, anywhere who extends a warmer welcome! She's also in charge of making sure that everybody-suppl iers and employees alike-gets paid in full,on time, every time. If you ever have an unusual concern and need somebody to get to the bottom of it, your best bet is to bypass everybody else and go straight to Kathy. No kidding!

Sandy Dawson, Office Manager

Sandy Dawnson Office Manager
Accent Roofing Service

After years in the insurance business, Sandy "crossed over" to the other side in 2014 and boy, are we glad she did! When you talk to Sandy on the phone-and chances are you will if you call us-you'd never guess that she's surrounded on three sides by work, work and more work!

A gentle spirit, a great listener and a world-class multi-tasker, Sandy has the brilliant gift of making you feel like you're the only person anywhere on her radar. The best part is, she's not faking it. If you talk to her today, she'll remember you a year from now, and she'll ask if your dog is feeling better. But don't be fooled by her happy-go-lucky-demeanor Sandy makes it her business to know exactly what you want and to make sure you get it.

Jose Ramirez, Job Foreman

Jose Ramirez Job Foreman/Supervisor
Accent Roofing Service

Affectionately known as "Millions" due to his stubborn insistence that he has installed millions of roofs, Jose is the heart and soul of our "One Crew Advantage" (please see separate article). While we're a bit skeptical about the millions thing, we can vouch for the hundreds of jobs he's overseen during his stellar career at Accent Roofing.

Jose has an encyclopedic knowledge of product and techniques, is an accomplished trainer, and may well be the most accommodating craftsman ever to set foot on your property. Make a special request of Jose and the response you're most likely to get is a smile and, "No problem!" If attitude is everything (and we believe it is), Jose's got everything!

Steven Dean, Repairman

Steven Dean Repairman
Accent Roofing Service

Believe it or not, roof repair is much more difficult than installing a new roof. Why? Because when you install a whole roof you control everything, but when you repair a roof you've got to diagnose a specific problem, remove and replace specific items, AND make the whole thing look like it was meant to be.

When it comes to the art of roof repair, Stephen is just about as talented and experienced as they come.

Deliberate and methodical, Stephen's personal motto is, "Jobs done right, not fast." An easygoing "gentle giant" who's been repairing roofs for Accent since 1992 (where does the time go?!), Stephen continues to enjoy both the art and challenge of roof repair.

If you're really lucky, he might wear his favorite shirt when he comes to repair your roof, even though he's supposed to wear an Accent Roofing shirt. His favorite is the one that says, "Keep Calm and Let the Roofer Handle It!" If you've got the time and he's got the time, Stephen will also be glad to play you a tune on his harmonica.

Jason Thomas, Repairman

Jason Thomas Repairman

Roofing is hard work, and Jason just might be the hardest worker of them all. Sometimes we call him "Rocky" due to his squirrel-like aerial agility, but usually we don't call him anything become he's out of the office and working on someone's roof! Always out the door and steaming towards his first stop while the rest of us are still waiting for the Keurig to warm up, Jason's usually got a full day under his belt by noon. Siesta? Not this guy!

In addition to being a genuine repair superstar, Jason handles warranty calls, inspections and the occasional punch-list item. He owns every tool known to man, knows how to use them and keeps everything organized on the trailer he built himself. An Alabama boy and a Proud Papa of three girls, Jason is also an entertaining conversationalist, though he seldom slows down long enough for a real chat. But don't let all that energy fool you: Jason's motto is, "I'm fast, but only as fast as good workmanship will allow."

Troy Spillards, Storm Damage Specialist

Troy Spillards Storm Damage Specialist

Around here we call him "Tin Cup," and he's been around so long that nobody can remember why! Our theory is that 20 years ago, if a customer called with a job that was too scary or too difficult for everyone else, Troy was always willing to "go for it!"

Always cheerful and always at your service, Troy is totally dedicated to making your roofing experience hassle-free.

Outdoorsy and personable, Troy is a guy who makes friends everywhere he goes and just happens to know roofing from AAA to Z. The installers love him, the office people love him, and we'll be shocked if you don't love him, too!

Marcus Rivers, Field Support Manager

Marcus Rivers Field Support Manager
Accent Roofing Service

A 40-mile by 40-mile service area doesn't sound that large, but when you run the numbers and realize that it's 1600 square miles, the task of getting stuff where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, becomes somewhat daunting. Logistics isn't just for UPS, and at Accent Roofing our Field Support Manager, Marcus Rivers, is THE logistics guy!

A proud graduate of Grayson High School, Marcus is our one and only GenX-er and we're proud to have such a competent and motivated young professional on our team. In the sports world they talk about somebody having a great upside; Marcus has a fantastic upside with Accent Roofing!

Lee Honson, Quality Assurance Manager

Les Honson Quality Assurance Manager
Accent Roofing Service

Veteran craftsman Les Honson gives us the flexibility and expertise to handle virtually any roof-related detail. Before joining the Leaksmith team, Les had over 20 years of hands-on experience in high end remodeling. The attention to detail he picked up over that time is a perfect fit here. In addition to his primary role as onsite Quality Assurance Manager, Les is always ready and able to put some genuine TLC on issues such as fascia, soffit, siding, molding and a host of other details that often elevate the overall outcome from excellent to superb! You’ll enjoy having Les on the job, and you’ll appreciate his commitment to old-school artisanry!

Gary Patsy, Finance Manager

Gary Patsy Finance Manager
Accent Roofing Service

Gary came to Accent Roofing Service straight from the University of Georgia, where he earned a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Finance in 2015. A remarkably "quick study," Gary handles all things financial--accounting, billing, payroll, accounts payable and insurance--and is constantly adding to his skill set. Obviously UGA did a great job with Gary, because Gary does a great job for us....and our clients!