Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Tom Scribbins

Tom Scribbins from Accent Roofing

Tom began roofing in the late '70's. He roofed his way to an accounting degree at the University of Northern Iowa, then to a Master's in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa.

When he moved to Atlanta in the mid-'80's to work for a high-tech marketing communications firm, he was pretty sure he'd driven the last nail of his life, but no! Roofing kept calling, and in late 1989 he founded Accent Roofing. The company's only "truck" at that time was an ugly brown Ranchero (think El Camino) and it's world headquarters was a garage in Lilburn. No air guns, no conveyors.

Due to his "real roofer" background, Accent Roofing under Tom's leadership has developed a culture which we hope you'll find both reassuring and refreshing: We don't look at your roof as an obstacle between us and your money. We see your roof as an opportunity to solve a major problem.

All boiled down, this is what we strive for:
1) To make sure that no customer ever comes out on the short end of the stick.
2) To make sure that every employee feels appreciated and earns a respectable and responsible living.
3) To make sure that you're delighted with the experience.

After 40 years of roofing, Tom still gets excited about every job and is still grateful for every client and every associate.