Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Sandy Dawson from Accent Roofing

Kay Scribbins from Accent Roofing

After years in the insurance business, Sandy "crossed over" to the other side in 2014 and boy, are we glad she did! When you talk to Sandy on the phone-and chances are you will if you call us-you'd never guess that she's surrounded on three sides by work, work and more work!

A gentle spirit, a great listener and a world-class multi-tasker, Sandy has the brilliant gift of making you feel like you're the only person anywhere on her radar. The best part is, she's not faking it. If you talk to her today, she'll remember you a year from now, and she'll ask if your dog is feeling better. But don't be fooled by her happy-go-lucky-demeanor Sandy makes it her business to know exactly what you want and to make sure you get it.