Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Kay Scribbins from Accent Roofing

Kay Scribbins from Accent Roofing

If there's a harder-working or more dedicated person in the roofing

While Kathy's primary job is to make the phone ring,we know you couldn't care less about that. What you probably do care about is that she also calls every one of our customer after the job to make sure they're delighted with the experience. And if they're not...somebody around here is going to get an earful!

Kathy's been around roofing since she began dating the future Leaksmith in 1979, and except for a few years off for Mom Stuff,she's been a part of the program ever since. In addition to her main duties, Kathy serves as receptionist, and it's hard to imagine anyone, anywhere who extends a warmer welcome! She's also in charge of making sure that everybody-suppl iers and employees alike-gets paid in full,on time, every time. If you ever have an unusual concern and need somebody to get to the bottom of it, your best bet is to bypass everybody else and go straight to Kathy. No kidding!