Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas from Accent Roofing

Roofing is hard work, and Jason just might be the hardest worker of them all. Sometimes we call him "Rocky" due to his squirrel-like aerial agility, but usually we don't call him anything become he's out of the office and working on someone's roof! Always out the door and steaming towards his first stop while the rest of us are still waiting for the Keurig to warm up, Jason's usually got a full day under his belt by noon. Siesta? Not this guy!

In addition to being a genuine repair superstar, Jason handles warranty calls, inspections and the occasional punch-list item. He owns every tool known to man, knows how to use them and keeps everything organized on the trailer he built himself. An Alabama boy and a Proud Papa of three girls, Jason is also an entertaining conversationalist, though he seldom slows down long enough for a real chat. But don't let all that energy fool you: Jason's motto is, "I'm fast, but only as fast as good workmanship will allow."